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22 07, 2015

Discover how therapy has successfully treated phobias

July 22nd, 2015|EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Phobias|0 Comments

People suffering from a fear or phobia will usually go to extreme lengths to avoid it. While it may seem irrational to some, to the individual it can have a [...]

17 03, 2015

Nine ways to combat stress overwhelm

March 17th, 2015|CBT, Counselling, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy|0 Comments

Stress can affect an individual in a number ways, both physically and mentally. As humans, the way in which it manifests itself will be different from person to person. Tackling [...]

1 03, 2015

Is the rising trend of anger in women affecting you?

March 1st, 2015|CBT, Counselling, EMDR|0 Comments

It’s perfectly normal to lose your temper every now and again, but what if it happens to you all the time? If you ever find yourself flying off the handle [...]

1 03, 2015

Using Lent to make a positive change in your life

March 1st, 2015|CBT, Counselling, EMDR|0 Comments

When we think of Lent, most of us think about giving up something. It could be stopping bad habits like smoking or drinking too much, or perhaps giving up chocolate [...]

13 10, 2010

Managing trauma in Chile and ordinary life

October 13th, 2010|EMDR|0 Comments

The world is in awe of the way in which the Chilean government, the mining company, the miners and their families (and, for that matter, the world's media) have handled [...]