14 01, 2016

Is employee wellbeing firmly on your agenda in 2016?

January 14th, 2016|Mental Health, Resilience, Staff productivity, Staff wellbeing, Stress|0 Comments

With the start of a new year, comes a whole new set of targets and challenges, so it may come as no surprise that at this time of year, the [...]

13 08, 2015

Six top tips for managing work-related stress

August 13th, 2015|Stress|0 Comments

We know that as employers, we have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure the welfare of our employees, so it is important that we start to put measures in [...]

7 08, 2015

How is stress affecting your margins?

August 7th, 2015|Stress|0 Comments

Employee productivity is essential to the success of any business and the latest statistics prove that to stay ahead in today’s global environment, you need a happy, healthy and high-performing [...]

15 07, 2015

How to help your employees combat stress

July 15th, 2015|Stress|0 Comments

Stress manifests itself in many different ways and often results in increased absenteeism from work. So when an employee has the right tools and techniques to combat stress and deal [...]

22 05, 2015

Discussing stress at work

May 22nd, 2015|Stress|0 Comments

This morning Richard Reid, Clinical Director of Pinnacle, discussed Stress at Work on BBC Radio West Midlands. This centred largely around teachers; as this is an occupation that has noted mental [...]

23 04, 2015

Take a positive step on the path to managing your emotions

April 23rd, 2015|Anxiety, Counselling, Depression, Stress|0 Comments

Throughout life, we will all, at some point in time, experience a level of stress, anxiety or depression.   When this becomes overwhelming and difficult to escape, it not only [...]