Achieve your goals

Invest in your goals and aspirations with training in a variety of personal performance skills and mindset techniques.

Pinnacle training is unrivalled because we know how the brain works. Each course has been carefully pieced together to incorporate psychological principles and brain-based learning, including neuroscience. So what you learn easily becomes part of everyday life.

Open training courses

Open training courses

Put your personal and professional future first with our one-day courses, designed to help you realise your aspirations.

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Open training courses

Online learning

Online learning

One-hour webinars

Get an introduction to face-to-face courses with our one-hour webinars, designed to fit around your schedule.

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Coming soon

We’re currently developing an online mindfulness course, which will run over eight weeks. It’s intended as an extra benefit for people who’ve completed a face-to-face mindfulness course – and it’ll also be helpful for those who aren’t able to attend a course in person. Check back soon for more details.