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Originally created exclusively for the corporate market, this high value training can proactively help individuals strengthen their personal skills and develop the ability to thrive and realise their aspirations.

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Charisma is that all encompassing word that sums up an individual’s presence in the view of others around them. Charisma envelops many personal skills, including confidence, influence, body language, mindfulness and much more. And for the first time in the UK, this is all packaged up into one neat course. Charisma training is great for enhancing your natural style, as well as really tackling a high IQ, low EQ individual’s needs.

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Who do we work with?

Our open training courses are suitable for anyone who wishes to put their personal and professional future at the centre of their priorities and plans.

Individuals who require strong mental strength to support their business development.
Individuals that would like to ensure their personal skills are aligned to their next career move.
Those who would like to learn some of the personal skills that may help them to meet their goals or ambitions with confidence.
Looking to sample our training in order to look at in-house training on a larger scale (note, you may qualify for a free trial place on one of our courses, so please do ask).
Looking to help individuals to cope with stressful situations and challenging environments, in order to meet business objectives.
Wishing to ensure they are practically and emotionally adept to deal with the many challenges that caring for other individuals and loved ones brings.
Those who need to ensure their charisma, communications and body language are well tuned.
This really opened up new thinking to help me rationalise thoughts and behaviours.
Peak Resilience attendee
It has been enlightening to apply the theories to my personal situations and issues.
Mindfulness attendee

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