Take control, improve self-esteem and gain confidence, with this one-day assertiveness and communications training course.

Assertiveness is not about getting what you want at all times. It’s about putting forward your views, requirements and ideas in a way that is forthright; whilst accepting the impact on others.

In this course, we learn to balance emotions, behaviours and communications to ensure that we are able to gain the very best outcomes – making life work for us. We look at setting personal boundaries to ensure our presence amongst others is respected and well thought of.

Assertive Communications skills and subjects

Core skills and subjects

  • Value yourself and your views, as well as the views of others
  • Understand your needs and wants, and ask for them
  • Acknowledge that you are responsible for your own behaviours
  • Be able to provide constructive criticism, and receive it too
  • Control your emotions and stay respectful
  • Negotiate win-win situations
  • Lead conversations and outcomes
Assertive Communications individual outcomes

Individual outcomes

  • Confident communications
  • Be heard and respected
  • Be assertive, not aggressive
  • Set boundaries for others
  • Lead and manage others
Assertive Communications course dates

Course dates

18 Jun 16
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22 Oct 16
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14 Dec 16
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