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Everyone feels a normal degree of anxiety in life when faced with such challenges as a job interview or a visit to the dentist. However, if you feel anxious a lot of the time about many different situations it you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.  Feelings of anxiety can be accompanied by other symptoms and issues such as:

  • Confidence
  • Concentration
  • Eating
  • Insomnia.

Our approach to anxiety therapy

We believe that therapy is an effective anxiety treatment. The use of therapy helps to target both the symptoms and the root cause for anxiety. Once the root cause has been agreed, we can help you deal with your anxiety; it’s symptoms and triggers. It is at this point where we will build a tailor-made programme for you, depending on the symptoms you have listed.

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment to help with anxiety. Feelings such as worry, anxiousness, fear or panic can be mild, moderate or severe. The emotions of anxiety can be constant, long-term and can affect people’s daily life.

It has great results when applied to someone who suffers from social anxiety disorder. Using cognitive therapy, your therapist can help you to tackle negative thought patterns you may direct at yourself or that you perceive from the world around you. It is usually these negative thoughts that trigger an episode of anxiety. After you have recognised these negative thoughts and when they occur, you can work to replace them with something more rational and positive which will allow you to cope with anxiety in a calm and controlled manner.

You may find during your anxiety treatment, that learning to cope may not be enough. Your therapist will help you confront the triggers and fears whether real or manifested from the anxiety itself.

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What Clients Say

I went to see Richard to overcome anxiety in work and social situations, on some occasions I had even suffered panic attacks. I had got to the point where I just couldn’t take it anymore and was avoiding situations to minimise the risk of it happening.

When the session started, we talked for about an hour before the hypnosis and Richard helped me to see how avoiding the situation was only fuelling the anxiety in the long-term. He helped me to see things from a completely different perspective in a way that didn’t make things such a big deal, which in itself was a big deal for me! He gave me some practical things to try such as just accepting it or even trying to ‘bring it on’ which in an odd kind of way calmed it all down! We talked a lot about what life will be like without the inappropriate anxiety and I began to see situations that I would previously have avoided as a distinct possibility.

The hypnosis part was deeply relaxing and I remember having many visualisations of future situations and seeing myself feeling calmer and in control. I had 2 sessions but even after the first one, I had an instinct that things felt pleasantly different. Since then, I’ve been able to share this with those people closest to me, which in itself has been a weight off my mind as it was previously a big secret.

The biggest difference is that I have realised what it is like to look forward to those events which used to make me nervous. Now, each time I come away from an event, I focus on what went well, which seems to make me stronger and stronger as time goes on. Richard also made me see that to eradicate anxiety for good would be not be realistic as everyone experiences it from time to time and that is quite normal.

The difference now is that my anxiety feels much more appropriate to what I’m doing and if I do feel like that, I just relax with it, go with it, accept it and I can’t even remember at what point it goes away!

Claudette, Thames Ditton

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