Bereavement and Traumatic Grief Counselling

Bereavement and Traumatic Grief Counselling

Bereavement Explained

Grief and Bereavement is a response to loss, particularly involving death. This type of emotional response can also affect us physically and socially. These feelings may be overwhelming but are completely normal if you have just experienced the loss of a loved one.

Our approach to bereavement therapy and traumatic grief counselling

We understand that everyone responds differently to loss and can experience grief in distinctive ways. Our approach to bereavement therapy and grief counselling is tailored to your circumstance. We create a safe environment for you to express yourself freely. Our aim is to help you accept your loss, and give you the tools to get you back on track.

If you are struggling with bereavement or grief, get in touch so we can help you.

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A bereavement and traumatic grief counselling case study

Patricia, a single mother on low income and a part-time employee in a local shop, had recently experienced the traumatic grief of her father’s death. She was struggling to face work because of the immense pressure she felt with now having to support and care for her elderly mother as well as her two young children.

Patricia had no one she felt she could talk to about the loss of her father. The thought of caring for two young children and her mother both financially and emotionally were overwhelming and Patricia began to feel she was sinking.

During our sessions, I encouraged her to talk about how she was feeling about the death of her father. I provided practical advice on allowances that Patricia would be entitled to, along with details of local care centres that could help her and her mother.