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Build a more resilient and effective workforce

Pinnacle takes a proactive and scientifically proven approach to increasing the wellbeing, performance and efficacy of your personnel so that your organisation is ready to be a part of the Wellness Revolution.

Psychological wellbeing is integral to the success of your business

A healthy mindset is the foundation upon which peak professional performance and a healthy work-life balance are built. The modern-day demands of professional life increase workplace stress whilst decreasing confidence and open communication. These imbalances lead directly to under-performance, absenteeism, presenteeism, and ultimately an inability to meet professional and personal goals.

Unlock the true potential of individuals and teams within your business through our workshops, coaching and consultancy services.



Positively transform mindsets for results now and in the long-term.

Take a more proactive approach with our workshops in

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Coaching and consultancy

Programs tailored for your organisation to achieve permanent positive behavioural changes and a new healthier corporate mindset culture, from Individual Leadership and Team Development to Organisational Change Support and Leadership Development and Team Coaching.

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Coaching and consultancy
Occupational health psychology

Occupational health support

Whether you need us in the long-term for workplace counselling and psychological assessment and screening or in the short-term for critical incident response and trauma support, Pinnacle is always there for all your needs.

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Pinnacle’s proven five-step process

To take your business to a higher level, Pinnacle enhances the resilience and empowerment of you and your workforce.

The latest tool in wellness analytics to help you to understand your stressors

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Pinnacle is an official Promote Partner.

Promote makes learning stick. Your learners receive a learning journey that gives the full value of your training investment.

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