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Resilience and effective interactions are essential for people with targets to meet or teams to lead. This workshop teaches key skills and techniques to work better together, increase engagement and overcome barriers, stress and difficult situations. As a result, knowledge is shared, individuals experience greater fulfilment and setbacks become platforms to learn from.

Workshop outline

  • Understanding resilience
    Understanding what resilience is, and how it can impact positively on all aspects of life.
  • Confidence and assertiveness
    Practical tools and techniques to build confidence and assertiveness.
  • Emotional intelligence
    Exploring emotional intelligence of one’s self and others, and how to use emotional intelligence practically.
  • Building a high performing team
    We look at everything from the vision and goals, to measurement, purpose and ground rules.
  • Building a supportive environment
    Building a support network and a supportive culture.
  • Enhanced performance
    Learn how to increase flexibility and mental agility to increase performance.
  • Effective communication
    Understanding what effective communication looks like and the must-have practical strategies to implement.
  • Relationship building and dealing with conflict
    How to build relationships and effectively resolve team conflict.
  • Building staff engagement
    Understanding capability, strengths, weaknesses and personal career maps; and using these to create staff engagement.
  • Action planning
    Getting an action plan up and running, with goal setting for results.

Extend your learning

We’re committed to helping you extend your learning beyond our workshops. Our follow-on services allow you to keep your personal development moving forwards, in a flexible way.

Core skills and subjects

You’ll learn:

  • How to develop emotional intelligence
  • What it means to be resilient
  • How to control stress
  • Confidence and assertiveness
  • How to set attainable goals
  • Effective action planning
  • How to be a good communicator
  • Motivation through reward and recognition
  • How to build team culture and morale

Individual outcomes

You’ll become:

  • Fulfilled in your job
  • A strong performer with high productivity
  • Committed to achieving your objectives
  • Aware of your business contribution
  • A powerful communicator
  • Easily adaptable to change
  • Great at building professional relationships

Employer benefits

You’ll have:

  • Focused, resilient employees
  • High morale with full participation and engagement
  • A collaborative and supportive culture
  • A sense of accomplishment within teams
  • Strong communication practices
  • Increased psychological wellbeing
  • Reduced stress and decreased absenteeism

Course dates and fees

Peak Performance Thurs 8 March in London  £499.00 – Click to Register

Peak Performance Wed 11 April in London  £499.00 – Click to Register

Peak Performance Wed 10 May London  £499.00 – Click to Register

Peak Performance Thur 7 Jun London  £499.00 – Click to Register

Peak Performance Wed 11 Jul London  £499.00 – Register

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A really thought-provoking process which has enabled us to look not only at our individual resilience and how we could boost it, but also at how our styles have been shaped by the culture of the organisation.
Dawn, Learning and Development