Conscious Leadership

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Pinnacle’s Conscious Leadership workshop is a two-day interactive training course, which teaches you how to lead more effectively through greater self-awareness and self-management to engender a culture of trust and care within your organisation.

It is ideal for leaders seeking a deeper insight into interpersonal dynamics within the workplace in order to better understand and connect with others.

Workshop outline

  • Identify your default thinking and behavioural patterns
  • Learn how to manage yourself and your team under pressure
  • Interact effectively: listen, respond and connect
  • Strengthen your ability to build relationships
  • Inspire others with authenticity
  • Create a climate for organisational success
  • Explore the emerging concept of Machiavellian Intelligence: the practical application of Emotional Intelligence to successfully identify and negotiate the challenges of office politics
Conscious Leadership

Course Details

  • Length: 2-Day Course
  • Venue: In House Training (within your own organisation)
  • Maximum number of candidates: 12 participants per course
  • Format: Combination of interactive teaching, discussion and practical application in small groups and pairs

Workshop Dates

Conscious Leadership Thurs/Fri 26th – 27th April in London £899.00 – Click to Register

Conscious Leadership Wed/Thur 23rd – 24th May in London £899.00 – Click to Register

Conscious Leadership Wed/Thur 13th – 14th Jun in London  £899.00 – Click to Register

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A highly thought-provoking and genuinely transformative workshop. I wish that I’d done it years ago!


Brian (Financial Director), Ernst & Young