Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence can have a powerful effect on the working relationships of people required to influence and inspire others. In fact, the latest scientific research suggests that it actually plays a far bigger role in long term success than IQ.

This workshop teaches essential skills and techniques to manage emotions and develop the personal effectiveness required to make positive impressions, influence with authenticity and be more impactful and positive.

Extend your learning

We’re committed to helping you extend your learning beyond our workshops. Our follow-on services allow you to keep your personal development moving forwards, in a flexible way.

Workshop outline

  • Understand emotional intelligence
    Understand the theory behind emotional intelligence and why it is more important than IQ in achieving sustainable success.
  • Build greater self-awareness
    Recognise the true impact that you have on others: what you already do well, how you can refine it, build on it, and add to it.
  • Improve your personal effectiveness and confidence
    Learn a range of practical techniques (including mindfulness and positive psychology) that will help you to channel your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and maximise any opportunity.
  • Influence, persuade and inspire others
    Discover the art of verbal and non-verbal communication, including the hidden power of charismatic body language.
  • Develop empathy
    Develop a deeper understanding of what motivates others so that you can build stronger connections and create more win-win situations.
Emotional intelligence

Core skills and subjects

You’ll learn:

  • How to raise your professional reputation
  • How to remain in the present
  • How to influence with ease and gain commitment
  • How to unleash the inner, authentic you
  • Conflict management
  • Performance Management

Individual outcomes

You’ll develop:

  • The ability to manage your emotions
  • Better conflict resolution skills
  • A stronger and more enthusiastic feeling inside, when it counts
  • Enhanced performance and productivity
  • A decrease in your stress
  • Self-motivational skills
  • An increased feeling of accomplishment

Employer benefits

You’ll have:

  • Sustainable relationships between colleagues and with clients, based on collaboration and trust
  • Positive focus and positive people rather than energy drainers
  • Open and friendly employees who know when to assert boundaries and say no
  • People who respond well to conflict and manage it positively
  • Forward-thinkers who don’t dwell on the past
  • Staff that know how to be happy and look for more ways to indulge that happiness
  • A learning culture, where people take every opportunity to nurture new ideas, and grow as individuals
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Everyone thoroughly enjoyed every element of the course and believe that what they have learnt has had a profound impact on their lives. I found it eye opening and full of tools that can be used to make life and business so much easier. The UK sales team and management team are also now keen to attend.
Jon, Sophos