Mental Health First Aid

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Mental health problems are common and it costs the UK economy between £70bn and £100bn a year, through sickness absence, benefit provision and loss of productivity. Mental Health First Aid strengthens the capacity of employers to understand and support those that are experiencing mental health issues or are recovering from a mental health problem or trauma.

Workshop outline

  • Understand mental health
    What mental health means and what the most common mental health issues are.
  • Spotting the signs
    Understand the warning signs and confidently deal with them for faster recovery.
  • First aid
    Like delivering first aid for a physical issue, this looks at how to deal immediately with mental health issues when crisis occurs.
  • Nip mental health in the bud
    Learn how to stop mental health problems spiralling and getting worse.
  • Prevent harm
    Help to stop negative thinking from causing stress overwhelm.

An additional module is available that covers young people’s mental health and wellbeing, with a strong practical focus on how to support young people experiencing mental distress. It gives a deeper understanding of the complex issues affecting children and young people.

Extend your learning

We’re committed to helping you extend your learning beyond our workshops. Our follow-on services allow you to keep your personal development moving forwards, in a flexible way.

Core skills and subjects

You’ll learn:

  • About common mental health issues
  • To spot the signs and symptoms
  • The dos and don’ts
  • How to seek professional help
  • About mental health recovery
  • About mental health in young people*

Individual outcomes

You’ll be:

  • Confident in supporting staff experiencing mental health issues
  • Able to spot the signs of mental distress and deal with them quickly

Employer benefits

You’ll have:

  • Increased employee wellbeing
  • Better performance and results
  • Resilience to trauma
  • A better response to change
  • Greater support for teachers and students*

*Where appropriate, e.g. education providers.

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