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What is Confidence?

Confidence is something that we all learn during our childhood. There are certain events that may hinder the natural growth of our confidence such as being bullied or growing up in a strict, expectant family. This is not always the case however as sudden changes in our life can affect our confidence even during adulthood. Low levels of confidence can cause varying symptoms from negative thinking or irrational thoughts of failure to avoiding activities and experiences.

How we approach Confidence therapy

In order to treat confidence issues, it is important to discuss with you about their past. Using a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and hypnotherapy, the therapist can guide you through your past to events that may have been locked in your sub-conscious. We can tackle the root cause and start on confidence building. It will help you to challenge any negative thinking that contributes to feelings of low confidence, helping you to grow in a more positive and assertive manner, proving your inner self wrong by accomplishing something that you didn’t think you could.

Confidence building can be done with just your therapist, though it may be that they recommend attending confidence course where you can talk to others who suffer from low confidence for support. This helps to give people with low confidence a sense of achievement within a group.

If you’d like to improve your confidence through counselling then we encourage you to contact us.

What Clients Say

Having never experienced counselling before I was very nervous about what to expect, but knew I had to make changes in my life, as I was feeling so low I could see no future.

Meeting and working with Richard has changed my perspective of myself, where before because of negative experiences I’d been through I thought I was worthless. Richard helped me see the person inside myself, and more than that, helped me to see that that person was worthy of a good fulfilled life, and that I had the skills and tools to search that life out for myself. Our sessions were always productive, if sometimes difficult for me, but I now know myself so much better and feel very positive that I will be able to deal with whatever life throws at me.

I’m very grateful for what I’ve learnt with Richard and wouldn’t hesitate for one moment to contact him again if I needed any further guidance.

Lydia, Hampstead

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