Expatriate Counselling

Expatriate Counselling

Expatriate counselling explained

Making plans to live abroad or moving to the UK from another country can be exciting at the outset. However, it can often turn out to be a challenging experience.

When you become an expatriate you arrive into a new culture; there is often a new job with a new set of colleagues to get to know, and a new social life to nurture. Although you may have travelled extensively before, you may be far removed from what you know as home to be in a new country on a long-term basis.

Some feelings of nervousness and fear are normal, and these feelings may be temporary and easy to handle. For some people though deeper feelings of fear, loneliness and isolation from family, friends and colleagues can set in and these feelings can become difficult to handle.

Unhappiness and a lack of confidence around the lifestyle change can cause different stresses and pressures – in self-esteem, confidence, diet – and – affect relationships with others.

Our approach

All our therapists who deliver therapy for expats have lived abroad at some point. We can empathise and treat negative feelings, whether you are in the UK or you are abroad. We can see you face-to-face in the UK or via a secure Skype or Zoom link.

Telephone or Skype consultation

As a first step to get to know you, our therapist will contact you for a no cost and no obligation telephone or Skype consultation. Feel free to ask questions and feel sure that psychotherapy is the right choice for you.

Our psychotherapy programmes centre on listening and understanding you, your life, your pressures and your specific issues.

Let us help you to overcome the specific and interrelated emotional issues in a safe space.

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