Insomnia and Sleep Therapy

Insomnia and Sleep Therapy

Sleep Therapy

Sleep is essential to good psychological and physical health. If you have difficulty falling asleep, wake up multiple times at night or experience tiredness during the day even after long periods of sleep then sleep therapy will prove highly beneficial for you.

Insomnia and other sleep-related issues can be caused by or symptomatic of other serious issues, such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders. That is why we take an integrated approach, blending scientifically-proven therapies to develop the most effective solution for you.

Our approach to sleep therapy

We identify environmental and behavioural factors which may affect your sleep quality. Through sleep therapy, we explore distorted thinking patterns which contribute to the surrounding anxieties exacerbating the problem. We teach you the skills and techniques to adjust your routines, thoughts and behaviours so that you can achieve a better night’s sleep.

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An insomnia and sleep therapy case study

Jennifer had always had problems sleeping. The situation worsened as she got older, with serious implications for her health and her performance at work

Hypnotherapy was recommended in her case and, during hypnosis, she accessed a very distressing early memory of being permanently separated from her twin brother at bedtime.

After just three sessions, Jennifer was able to fall asleep much more easily by using a series of visualisations to re-programme these negative thoughts.