Chronic Pain management explained

We all suffer pain during different parts of our lives and for different reasons. For some pain may be temporary and bearable, or for others it may be long term and chronic.

Pain affects adults and children, which in turn can affect the quality of life and doing activities that are considered normal for others. Pain can cause distress and can affect psychological wellbeing.

There are many pain management guidelines and solutions that can be put in place to help people with managing pain. It is not often known that counsellors and psychotherapists deal with pain management guidelines and solutions.

Our approach to your pain management

Learning to manage and cope with pain is not an easy task, however, there is growing evidence that many talking therapies can aid in the management of issues such as sciatica pain and chronic back pain. Clients with chronic pain can be taught how to react and manage their pain to reduce the mental suffering they experience.

With chronic pain management therapy, we will help you find the solutions that suit you.

We may recommend Hypnotherapy or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for pain management. These can help you build a better relationship with your pain and to learn positive thought patterns to help change your lifestyle for the better. Improved sleep, regular paced exercise and breathing techniques all result from receiving cognitive behavioural therapy.

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What Clients Say

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I really feel like I’m getting better and starting to become the person who I really am.

Julie, London

I appreciated the flexible approach to therapy which was tailored to my needs. Richard was good at remembering what I had said in previous sessions. I found his questions intelligent and thought-provoking!

Rob, Guildford

I found the whole experience incredibly useful and I feel I’ve moved on massively in a relatively short space of time. I feel like a different person to how I felt when I walked into therapy! The main thing for me was being equipped with the tools to deal with anxiety and realise that I can deal with it! I would thoroughly recommend it.

Nicola, Teddington

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