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Marriage counselling or couples therapy is an effective way of getting the support your marriage or relationship needs. Common issues that you might value counselling for may include a lack of communication between you and your partner, a betrayal in the relationship or a recent emotional trauma. A trained professional can help navigate and guide you through these hard times. Having issues in your marriage or relationship can lead to frustration and anger towards your significant other, creating an unhealthy environment. A professional counsellor can help source the root of your issues and introduce change into your relationship.

Our approach to couples counselling, couple and family therapy

Pinnacle Therapy offers a holistic approach to family and relationship counselling, often blending therapies together so that you receive what works best for you.

What Clients Say

Richard took us from the lowest point in our marriage and gave us the forum and advice from which we are completely back on track. We are now looking forward to what amounts to a fresh beginning with each other and a huge thanks has to go to Richard for that. He made us think about and approach things in a way we would have never been able to do on our own.

Mark and Jenny, Kew

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