self-esteem therapy counselling lady hugging selfSelf-esteem explained

Self-esteem is the judgement we have about ourselves and our abilities. These judgements can often be negative and produce low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can stem from a number of circumstances, there is no one cause for everyone. These negative beliefs can have a detrimental impact on your career, everyday life and relationships and are usually impacted from early life experiences or particular events in your life. Your low self-esteem can also evoke emotions such as depression, anger, shame and even stress.

Our approach to self-esteem counselling

One of the most effective ways of understanding and overcoming low self-esteem is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). We provide a hands-on, practical approach to conquering some of these negative beliefs and challenge the way you see yourself by introducing new ways of behaving. Our self-esteem therapy courses are designed with each individual in mind, creating a pace of therapy that you feel comfortable with. Our CBT exercises will help you start to affirm positivity in your everyday life and create a new perception of yourself using professional training. If you would like to improve your confidence or charisma through counselling, please contact us for master classes and further support.

What Clients Say

It is over a week since our last session and I’ve been meaning to email you ever since to thank you. Not only for fitting me in at short notice, but for the session itself which had a profound effect on my mood, my positivity and my attitude, in the days following it my original self-belief and enthusiasm came back, I was able to see clearly again. Despite the last few days (some of the most difficult of my life) I have managed on the whole to keep my perspective and stay as calm and positive as I can – I know for a fact that if I had not seen you last week the events of the last few days would probably have pushed me over the brink. A lot of the things you said to me during the hypnotherapy part remain constantly with me and are helping me get through. All the best.

Terry, Chelsea

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