Stress Management Therapy

Stress Management Therapy

Stress management explained

Stress can be described as a response to the demands and trials of everyday life that manifests as both thoughts and feelings. Smaller issues daily or a sudden change to your environment such as marital difficulties or bereavement can increase stress. Stress management can be defined as the therapies implemented to help a person control their level of stress in the hope of increasing everyday well-being.

Your therapist will evaluate your stress level and advise what therapies would best suit you. Small amounts of stress are easy for people to cope with. However, whenever a situation or stimulus that causes stress is left for too long, it can overwhelm the person and cause them to feel physical and emotional distress.

Most commonly, cognitive behavioural therapy is employed to help the patient change a negative way of thinking into something more positive, although there are many other stress management techniques that therapists can use. How stress management can help you:

  • The vast amount of techniques available allow us to provide unique, personalized programmes to get you the results you deserve.
  • It will help to clear your current stress issues and help you to handle any future problems with a lot more positivity.
  • You may learn to recognise your personal stress triggers and how to avoid/deal with them in the future.

Our approach to stress therapy

Our approach to stress management contains a mix of holistic therapies that aim to treat the underlying issue rather than a symptom. With stress therapy, we teach you coping strategies and stress management techniques to improve your well-being. Everyone has different levels of stress and different feelings about stress, but we will find the solutions that suit you. Depending on the situation, we would usually recommend either cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or hypnotherapy as treatment for stress. If you would like to find out if we could help you, we invite you to contact us.

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A stress management therapy case study

Alex was a senior level executive who was causing conflict with his colleagues as a result of how he was handling his stress levels. He had frequent angry outbursts and confrontations at work. This behaviour was also having a serious impact on the morale of the team that he was managing. By exploring the nature of some of these incidents, I was able to help Alex rationalise why some of the clashes had been occurring. Many of the clashes seemed to stem from feelings of stress.

I helped him increase his awareness of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours linked to this. This meant we were then able to look at practical strategies for addressing these. We included basic relaxation and time management skills, as well as alternative thinking patterns.

Over the course of the six sessions, Alex noticed a significant reduction in the number of disputes that he encountered at work. He also noticed an improvement in his levels of productivity at work and was also able to begin to improve his sleep patterns.