Before starting my course of hypnotherapy, my life was being dominated by feelings of anguish because of my bird phobia. It’d been a big problem for me for most of my life and it was getting worse as the years wore on, till I decided enough was enough and went to see Pinnacle about getting some help to overcome it. Now that the treatment is finished I feel so liberated and back in control of my life. The fear that had become part of my everyday life has now left me and been replaced with feelings of calm and confidence. I would urge anyone who’s suffering from a phobia which affects your life to get this sort of treatment, I’m so grateful to Pinnacle for giving me the chance to get rid of my fears and for my new found confidence.

Jane P, Bird phobia

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I really feel like I’m getting better and starting to become the person who I really am.

Julie C, Bereavement

I had suffered from panic attacks for 10 years, they were ruining my life, I never believed that I would lead a normal life. I was too scared to go out of the house, I was unable to work and lost touch with all of my friends because they didn’t understand what was wrong with me. I saw Pinnacle Therapy and really didn’t expect too much, but I was pleasantly surprised… Even after the very first session I felt a lot better, and for the first time actually had hope, he actually understood me and knew what I was going through, as he specialises in this field… Now 6 months later and with a combination of counselling and hypnosis I am leading a normal life… I have Pinnacle to thank for giving me back normality, and I now appreciate life every day. This was the best investment I have ever made, how can you put a price on quality of life, and would recommend her for anyone suffering from anxiety. Thank you.

Nicola S, Anxiety & Depression

Well thank you! First time in years I had a blood test and no fainting/drama! More blood tests tomorrow, but I feel ready. Thanks again.

Sally T, Needle/blood phobia

I have been through several life events all at the same time. Pinnacle Therapy helped me deal with the associated mental health issues, in a positive and constructive way, which I genuinely didn’t think possible. I am now happy again, it’s been many years since I can say this, positive and smiling with people and enjoying life and its rewards and challenges. If you have any doubts, put those aside and take Pinnacle’s expert and sensitive lead. EMDR changed my life for the better.

Clive H, Trauma & Depression

How can I thank you? I smoked for 20 years until I came to see you. For what you do, you don’t charge enough!

Paul O, Smoking Cessation

Pinnacle have proven to be invaluable in helping me restoring and rebuilding my life after I found out that my husband of 20 years had for years been unfaithful to me with several other women. Pinnacle have been extremely professional and supportive, providing me with help, encouragement and useful tools for the future. Through our sessions I have also learned a lot about myself and to be more mindful. I now feel stronger than ever and much more capable of dealing with difficult challenges that the future might hold.

Gudrun E, Relationship issues

Pinnacle Therapy was recommended to me by a midwife following the birth of my twins. As a victim of child abuse I suffered 10 years of infertility before finally travelling to America for IVF. As you can imagine finally becoming pregnant and then giving birth to my little girl and boy brought up many issues for me. I was determined that I did not want these issues to impact on the lives of my children and so sought help to deal with the emotions and flashbacks and fear that somehow I would not be a good mother. I was so impressed by Pinnacle Therapy I asked them to become an adviser to the charity I run with my husband the Dot Com Children’s Foundation.

Sharon E, Trauma

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