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Pinnacle Therapy is the solution to your development, your enjoyment of psychological wellbeing and fulfilment of your aspirations and goals

Who we are

Pinnacle Therapy is the psychological specialist in personal and business transformation. A leading provider of science-based consultancy, training, coaching and therapy, we take a holistic approach and often blend methods, such as psychotherapy, coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and training, to ensure lasting results.

Pinnacle Therapy was founded in 2005 by Richard Reid, a qualified psychotherapist, counsellor and mediator. We have since grown into a team of expert therapists and consultants that provide a tailored improvement experience to individuals and businesses.

Why choose Pinnacle

What we do

Pinnacle Therapy improves the psychological wellbeing of individuals and businesses by resolving issues and fostering a healthy mindset.

Personal improvement

  • Resolve issues
  • Gain new personal skills
  • Achieve your goals and ambitions

Business improvement

  • Embed positive behavioural changes
  • Create a healthy mindset culture
  • Enhanced occupational health provision

The Pinnacle team

Our team of consultants and therapists are extensively trained and fully qualified. With collective cross sector experience, we are perfectly positioned to relate to issues you may be experiencing in the workplace and in personal life.

Our therapy team
Our business team

Our consultants and therapists hold accreditations from these professional bodies