Are self-esteem issues holding you back?

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Are self-esteem issues holding you back?

Self-esteem is the opinion we have of ourselves; it is part of feeling self-confident.  A healthy level of self-esteem is essential if we are to prosper and enjoy life to the full.  However, if our self-esteem is low, we will see ourselves and our lives in a more negative light and will find it harder to face life’s challenges head on.

Ongoing feelings of low self-esteem are unhelpful; they distort not only our thought patterns but the image we have of ourselves, dictating how we live our lives, impacting us at work, in our personal lives and our relationships.

Exploring your thoughts and feelings about low self-esteem issues is a positive place to start.  Here are a few therapies which can help:


Hypnotherapy is notorious for being a very quick way of addressing the problem, partly because the hypnotherapist helps the client to change the way they think or feel about themselves. Hypnotherapy has long been associated with helping people to increase their self-confidence, and consequently their self-esteem.  Relaxing with hypnosis can help us get away from our day-to-day troubles and help with stress management.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a form of counselling which helps clients to improve their self esteem by recognising the relationship between their negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours, working to modifying them by developing new behaviours.  It is commonly used in conjunction with relaxation methods and distraction techniques.


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