They got over their phobias…can you?


They got over their phobias…can you?

If you tuned in to Sky 1’s ‘Extreme Phobias, Extreme Cures’ (formally named Fright Club) where Pinnacle’s Clinical Director, Richard Reid, helped groups of people to overcome their phobias, you will know how brave those people were at facing their fears, but…were they all really cured after those three days of exposure therapy?


Read on to see what the participants of the show have to say now…

Remember the first episode on the turkey farm?

Many of the participants were so debilitated by their phobia of birds that they couldn’t participate in activities that most of us take for granted, like taking their children to feed the ducks. Here’s what they have to say now:


“Thanks Richard and Becky for getting me through the end – it really has made a huge difference.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’m doing well – it really did change things for me.”


“A HUGE thank you to Becky & Richard who were so great with us during Fright Club and Maverick TV for changing my life!

I really and truly cannot thank you enough :)”


“A life changing weekend! An honour to be part of such a special TEAM. Big thanks to Richard & Becky who were amazing throughout.”


“A massive thanks to Becky and Richard! Couldn’t have done the Turkey field and washing gonzo without you.

Everything is brill thank you! Took these two to feed the ducks for the 1st time! Xx”




Scared of ladders…not anymore! Remember the heights episode?

Sarah and Pete were memorable participants of this episode; with Pete not holding back on what he thought about being taken up into the air by a cherry picker…now look at what they’re up to…abseiling down the Orbit!

Sarah via Twitter

“@pinnacle4375 any tips when abseiling down the orbit with Peter Naylor pretty please? #scared!

If it weren’t for you guys I would never have dreamed of doing this.”


“A big thank you to Richard, Becky and Maverick TV for giving me the opportunity to overcome my phobia.”


And what about psychology student, Josh, who was sick of water to ruining his family holidays?

“Becky and Richard, I am so grateful for what you did and all of the others feel the same so please remember that above all else!”


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